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UFO's and Suppressed German Technology - Part 2
  • Teleportation techniques are 50 years old. People vanished in thin air back then, and still do now.
  • Time travel
  • ET and US Genetic Experiments
  • How true are the tabloids? Find out by insider informants.

  • Men in Black. They are Government intimidation techniques of UFO witnesses - but they are not human!
  • Mating of animals with humans.
  • The reality that we live in is designed skillfully the elite.
  • Mining operations on the moon.

  • Nature does not produce straight lines - so how can their be some on the Moon and Mars, and beyond!
  • Free Masons Secret Society fulfilling the Lucifer's directives

Editors note: There are also many stories to taboo to believe, but somehow they fit. Here is a quick one:

    A device that could make object float was brought to R&D company in the US and technicians laughed at him. When a bowling ball began to float they stopped laughing. A researcher was asked by the inventor to hit the bowling ball with a nearby sludge hammer ,and sludge hammer bounced off of the bowling ball injuring the sludge hammer and the researcher. The bowling ball and the device was kept by the R&D company, and the inventor shortly after disappeared!!!

Remember this from the series "Lost in Space"? This photo was from the early 1930's. Figure it out!

Part 2
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