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UFO's and Suppressed German Technology - Part 2

Why did Germans not show these craft? They did not want it known that they had this technology until it was farther developed. Here are some reasons why:

  • Inner earth theory in south pole with Admiral Byrd.
  • 100 German subs went missing in Antarctica - all with consectuive serial numbers!!!(see photo of list).
  • Lakes and mountains found at center of south pole with no ice and flowing warm water.

  • Photo of a hole in the south pole.
  • Flights to mars with honeyboo 3 craft -100 people, went and it took 8 month of flight. It crashed and there were survivors to tell the story.
  • 1862 John Keely gave designees to the Government.
  • Nicola Tesla designees and builds flying machines in the late 1800's

  • They landed on Mars in 1956 on a 1.5 day flight.
  • Population reduction is secret societies number one objective
  • More rare books and government manuals on - ET's!
  • Government officials materialization and de-materialization in and out of secret meetings.

  • The Hypersonic cabin.
  • Levels of ET/Earth donors structures
  • levels of Free Masens.
  • Massive moon mining operations, Tanks and equipment were teleported to the moon

  • Still more rare books on technologies to look out for.
  • Procedures for making a hole/base in the moon.
  • Artist conception of inside moon base as described by ex-military personal
  • Many scientists disappear. Roomer has it that the good ones always end up working in underground bases - on the moon and Mars

Part 2
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