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A Gyroscope in a vacuum, in a room without electromagnets, the Gyroscope lost weight as Rpm's increased. but only for right rotation and not with left rotations. Crop circles are making the invisible electromagnetic field visible (just like iron filings on a magnet). It is the finger print of the unseen magnetic field.Moving electric charges are effected by magnets.

What is the reason that this information is suppressed? this is all Nobel prize material! These principles are discussed and shown on the videotape. Numerous other drives are discussed:

The Iarga race uses a UFO design propulsion by the spinning the disc. You can either spin the disc or the field around the disc. The effects are similar. Instead of spinning a very heavy metal craft, simply spin the magnetic field and produce the same effect. Some drives have been seen to produce Ice in the crop circle (see photo).

Many Rare books were put into public domain to discredit the information. We were deceived. It is will documented, but not well known that there are many photos and rare books, on unconventional flight that are now almost extinct. The following are photos of such devices that were snapped from the video:

The following are some of the photo shown on this Video:

      • Terbo Jet planes
      • rocket assist lens
      • Swipe bombers
      • wing forwards planes
      • Rocket gliders
      • parachutes
      • shuttle planes
      • supersonic glider with Stealth Exhaust.
      • Many rare gun photos.
      • 12 engine air boat.
      • Tilt Engines to shorten the take off.
      • Flying Wings
      • German Chemical Guns
      • Multi Fire Missiles
      • Germans beam weapon technology
      • Night vision projectors
      • Heat sensing missals
      • Stealth Technology on the ground (no, the US. was not first!-here is the photo from 1941).
      • Anti radar
      • Vertical Machine guns
      • Twin Bombers joined on the wing.
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All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Videos.