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UFO's and Suppressed German Technology

This rare video show upward of 100 slides showing various technologies and suppressions. Here are just a few of the photos:

Views of the Universe

There are basically 3 views of the Universe:

  1. Billy Meier - Trinity.
  2. Urantia Book - no reincarnation, no telepathy.-non Trinity, no saucers.
  3. Oahspe book - continuation of old testament. Neither Trinity or non-Trinity. No reincarnation. From Jehovih witness.

All of these views are a slice of the view from a different place just like blind people observing an elephant. One may touch the tail, one the trunk, and one the foot - These are all different views of the same reality.

Underground Bases:

The Americans always wondered where did the Germans build their equipment during the war when all was bombed and destroyed? - The answer is underground. The Germans built over 300 underground bases in Germany. Mittelwerk is one of them - see video snapshot photo below. They were not circular tunnels (see photo) suggesting they were carved out, not drilled. After the war, the Germans built 3 underground cites about 2 km by 2 km big (see the numerous salvaged photos)

How were these UFO defy gravity? The secrets of the flying machines was first hinted from ancient anti gravity scriptures. All terrestrial vehicles have only one symmetry in common - the wheel. The wheel, along with the spire, occurs quite often in nature. The hair on your head is a result of the charkas of the head. The non-physical energy causes the hair to grow circular. This can be seen in crop circles also.

Here are some of the suppressed information that is revealed in this video. There are over 100 photos detailing the following suppressed information:

  • Vaccines-add a small amount of the actual toxic virus into the body, of which you are trying to eliminate.
  • John Kelly technology
  • Every religion came from Extra-Terrestrials of a higher intelligence.
  • There are 1600 different modes of propulsion.

  • Physics can explain the laws, but not the workings
  • Principles of Gyros in UFO design Give it lift.
  • Rare Russian article stating that Spinning Gyros weigh less that non spinning ones.
  • Anti gravity is inherent to the properly of matter just as all other properties are. They want us to believe otherwise so they can sell us gasoline for hundreds of years to come

  • Underground bases photos show the tunnel going for almost infinity. Photo of the entrance of underground base (see photo).
  • Many designs of Anti-Gravity machines, drawings and blueprints.
  • A Gyroscope is a spinning piece of metal in the shape of a disc. Here are some strange Suppressed Facts about these spinning metals:
  • A Gyroscope on a pendulum has a different period then when the gyro does not spin.
  • If you approach a Gyroscope with a clock, the clock will slow several minuets a month!!!
  • On a scale, a Gyroscope will weigh less depending on which way it is spinning
  • Heat affects Gyroscope properties
  • Approach a Gyroscope with a tuning fork, the frequency will drop.

There are many many photos of underground bases and equipment. Here are just a few:

Part 1
All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Videos.