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UFO's and Suppressed German Technology

A detailed expose of the Suppressed German Technology including: Weather Control, Time Travel, Anti-Gravity, Virus Creation, UFO's, and Alien collaborations. After looking a this Rare Video you will know that...

...We are not alone!

Part 1

According to Billy Meier, there are 1,600,000 races found in the Pleiadian travels. They (the Pleiadians) have 1,600 Anti-Gravity technologies, and there are over 700,000 x (10 to the power of 10) galaxies that exist according to contactee Billy Meier (that's 7,000,000,000,000,000 galaxies!). There are 7.5 billion inhabited planets.

When the tabloids debunk something, then you know it is important. The reason is that the tabloids are known to "exaggerate the truth", and so they basically can print anything.

What the tabloids say will not affect the regulation of the 'Controllers' of our country. So when they say something, it may very well be true, but written in a fashion that is acceptable to societies 'comic' humor.

Some of the Banned Books taken out of circulation. They contain information that has snuck into public domain but are bieng harder and harder to get a hold of

The Government has been experimenting with weather control, time travel, and antigravity for many years. Alien visitations are common place. Just because you don't see them, that doesn't mean that they are not there - It simply means that you did not see them! They are very selective in who they choose to see them.

Part 1
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