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Wilhelm Reich discovered that the orgasm allowed you to give up integrity. At that time near orgasm, you are subject to any subconscious influences and open channels that are normally not open in normal waking state. This is called "Argon Energy" (orgasmic energy). Argon Energy in its physical form can lead to weather control of tornadoes, rain, snow, etc.

The three underground experts are
Jordan Maxwell, Eustace Mullins, and Vladimir Terziski.

Our society is conditioned and trained using Seduction and Corruption. This is the start of the Mind Control agenda. Mind control frequencies are sent through TV, Radio, back waves of Cell phone, and by strangely positioned transmitters on the power points of the earth grid.

Cell phones are usually carried on the hip, near the groin area, and during conversation the cell phone is held up to beside the brain. These are two crucial area that are very receptive to mind control frequencies. Micro chips can be used to implement this technology.

Another purpose of the microchip implants to emit certain frequencies into the body when certain biological conditions of the human body are met. That way, your emotions or state of the physical (i.e. during orgasm), the chips can channel emitted frequencies into the pre-orgasmic state when the mind is mostly susceptible to programming.

Jordan Maxwell: This is simply a frequency (music) pegged to stimulate certain emotions to keep control of the young child to grow up by design. That's why rock bands are promoted more than any other type of music, and classical music if virtual unheard of by our youth.

The video show how Heavy Metal concerts are designed to resonate the particular areas and the groin areas.

Here are some revealing facts discussed in this video tape:

  • The earlier you start to control the mind, the more effectively the control can be passed on to people. Celtic Magicians carried wands that were made out of hollie wood. Today, we see the entertainment industry working magic in Hollywood. Symbology again shows its true colors again.
  • Mind control is used by the CIA all around the world. Early people involved were Ron Hubbard.
  • The elite would send their kids to camps to for 2 days for a cost of $25,000.00!!! What could they possibly teach young kids in 2 days that is worth $25,000?
  • How multi personality and split personality are created - by design. This new "citizen by design" will be not be a threat to the new world order.
  • How they can take 4 hours of your life every day, away from you with out you even knowing it using split personalities.
  • What is the "New Man" and how is it put in society.
  • How are we conditioned subconsciously to ignore love, closeness, free thinking, etc. No emotions and only pure logic (like Mr. Spock of Star Trek).

"Human individuality is what the controllers behind the drape are concerned with and that may interfere with the New World Order agenda" says Jordan Maxwell

Editors Note: This video is not for the mild at heart. The reality is that these things are happening every day. This is a 1 hour video tape, but an extra 15 min of "distorted footage" has been added as a bonus. This extra footage has be added since the information is rare and hard to get. Last 15 min is slightly distorted in sound, but still perfectly clear and watchable.

All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Videos.