The Secret expedition to the
South Polar Base!

When Hilga Marlo's father disappeared by a fake death, he said that he would be working on the Black Book projects. Black Book, not blue book, is were all the real information has come from. Her father was overseer of the trainers for the aliens. Their training bases are located in underground bases in the Moon, just like they have here. Underground in the moon was much more important than what was on the moon.

During this candid Interview, Hilga Marlo reveals the many black projects that her father,Dr. Frederick Wilham Cooper, was involved in - Including the Paperclip Scientest Project.

Hilga was psychic. She was shown by her father, certain maps of which she would wave her wave her hand and find the German underground bases. She would tune into certain vibrations. Hilga asked her father to use her for to do psychic abilities, but her father said that when they are through with you, they would kill you just to keep the secrecy of the group.

Hilga's father was born in 1892, and died in 1961. Hilga had vision in 3D holograms of her father and could smell and touch the father, even after he was apparently dead. The father was not dead, but was living in an other dimension. Hilga explains also on this video that she said that she will start to remember everything when she would turn the correct age of memory.
Hilga talks about the Apollo space ship. After the mission they would crash the ships onto the moons surface to destroy any evidence. They found that the moon would vibrate and reverberate as if it sounded like a bell. This would imply that it was hollow. She was told that it was made of Titanium. Hilga also points out that the creators on the moon do not fit the size that they should be on impact of and asteroid!

Here are some more highlights:

  • Hilga warns to watch the cartoons, science fiction movies, carefully. They test the public snce they always tell people as to what is happening to test their reactions.
  • Hilga explains of her knowledge of the teleporation to the Moon and Mars that she had experienced, and as told to her by her father Dr. Frederick Wilham Augest Cooper.
  • Time Tunnel technology and Teleportation technology were different. They must always check to see if they were teleported and did not want to be embedded into a rock.
  • The movie Star Trek was the same station that was shown to Hilga from an underground base.
  • Father materialized into Hilga's bedroom several months after the fathers death to tell her that he was OK.
  • Tests on Telepathy with Hilga when she was young, so that he may contact with here later on in life.
  • There is great technology in this base, including genetic experiments of living humans and animals that were walking around. They were trying to create a new super race.
  • The tall blonde aliens, the Nordics, may very will be creations that were done in the South Polar base in the Antarctica.
  • The German colony in the South Polar base city with admiral byrd in the underground base was called New Berlin. 100,000's of people were moved here and they had to loose the world war II in order to win the south polar war were done in the south polar base!
All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Videos.