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Paperclip Scientist Father

I was teleported to the surface and to the inside
of the Moon and Mars!...

Helga Marlo talks about her childhood in Germany in the elite family of her scientist father Dr. Frederick Wilham Augest Cooper, who was in charge of training Aliens how, to pray, toe walk, to swim, to make love, etc., so as to make their infiltration into Earth's life easier. Hilga explains how he was "smuggled" to the US under the Paperclip program to work on the most prestigious illuminati project - the Philadelphia teleportation research and development. Before his faked death and his "going black" her father told her that he was teleportaed to the Moon and Mars.

On this extremely rare video confession, Hilga Marlo is interviewed by Vladimir Terziski. Hilga reveals the experiences and some of the secrets that her father, Frederick Wilham Cooper, had when he worked in the Montauk Projects and the Philadelphia Experiment

This is the story of Hilga Marlo. Hilga, when she was a little girl, was told that she must remember certain things that were said by her father, Dr. Frederick Wilham Cooper. This was always done while walking in the park where they could not be followed or overheard.

Her father said that, when she becomes 55 yrs old, she will remember things that here father have told her. Hilga's father told her all this information because he was to be dead in 3 months. in 1961 he was about 71. Then he went to the hospital suddenly and died there in a nuns hands. Many records were deleted from the hospital.

When Hilga saw her fathers body, she noticed that they had switched the body's. Certain people in black coats were sitting around the coffin. No records were found of the burial, or records of the death.

Years later, when Hilga turned 55 years old, she remembers what her father said. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • That Americans were and are working to gather with the Russians and the Germans and the Elite have engineered a system to control the world.
  • Einstein was a unique man in that he was a humble man. Other scientists were to forced into the plan.
  • Hilga explains how father was teleported to Mars and the Moon using Alien technology. She talks out on how a beam would separate people into molecules, then realigning them again later in a different location (similar to the star trek energizer - Where did the Star Trek writers get their information from anyway? - the information and idea came from somewhere!).
  • Flash Gorden comics were put out only to condition the people of what is to come.
  • There is atmosphere on the moon enough for people to breath freely.
  • There is adequate space on the moon and mars to work. They have been doing it for many years, way before the moon landing in 1969.
  • Little grays were the first to come to the planet.
  • Hilga's father, Dr. Frederick Wilham, was training aliens. She describes how they look just like you and I, and they are infiltrated throughout the earth!
  • Hilga describes how aliens would mate with a human. When a human would meet an alien, they would first put memories into the aliens mind so as to appear to have a history with their new mate. Dr. Frederick Wilham was in charge of training Aliens how, to pray, to walk, to swim, to make love, etc.
  • Hilga's father knew George Ademski and his ships. Father shows pictures that were faked to be seen by the public, and also pictures that were not allowed to be see by the public. All these events happened in the late 50's.
  • Talks about the moon trips and the Martian trips.
  • The mode of transfer was not of a mechanical mode, but more of a electronic method.
  • There are families with women and children on the Moon and Mars.
  • Al Bielek and his brother Duncan Cameron were teleported to underground bases on Mars under direction of Hilga's father, Dr. Frederick Wilham Augest Cooper. Teleportation can be done with and without a receiver station!
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