The Secret expedition to the
South Polar Base!

The Secret Expedition to the Nazi South Polar Base

Many of the planes and trucks downloaded from the mother ship freeze up upon landing in the Antarctic, and cannot move.

Entiure Ships are blown over and cracked in half from the strong and cold winds of minus 55 degrees!
Multi-Billion dollar battleships are left behind - frozen in the ice. Many men did not make it for the first 500 miles.

They build an airport on the snow bank, by hand as many machines don't work and are frozen like ice.

See on this 1939 rare film:

  • Watch how the military make water from snow, the purest water in the world.
  • Planes with rocket booster to take off of the carrier and land on the snow.
  • How a magnetic compass has no use on the south pole. They use a sun compass.
  • Watch 100 mile per hour winds through the camps. The storm lasts for 40 hours.
  • They visit the old base from 17 years early, that is now 25 feet under. The frozen food is still good and they eat it.
  • They test out new water suite against the cold.
  • Watch a rescue after plane that was lost for 2 weeks, 3 men are saved.
  • Watch them catch the first Antarctic seal.
Is This Antarctica? At the center of the South Pole, this documentary evidence shows calm flowing waters and warm air blowing along the dry uncovered land. Watch the solders go for a 'warm' swim!
  • Finally, they find the rumored place where there is a calm area (see photos above), with green trees and flowing lakes, and land with no snow. the temp is 38 degrees in the water. This goes against all theory!!!

All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Videos.