The Unknown World of:
German UFO
Foo Fighters!

The Secret expedition to the
South Polar Base!

German UFO Foo Fighters

Video Interview 2 Topics:

This short lecture is introduced by Wendal Stevens, famous UFO researcher. The information is retrieved verbally and by video from reports from military experts, historians, retired police, military, lectures, craft test pilots, alien contacts, and round table discussions. Take this information as you wish.

Video Interview 3 Topics:

Marina Papovich, a soviet test pilet has broken many space flight recrods.

This footage contains some copies of some early news real footage and stories. The main topic is about a soviet test pilot, Marina Papovich, that came forward to explain and confess about what actually happened during her life working with air intelligence. 100's of people witnessed these UFO's in Russia.

In her later years, Marina Papovich, tells what she has seen while working with the Russian Space Program.
A shadow photographed on the moon of Mar, shows a large unknown object (a mothership) projected on its face! After only 1 picture, the prob was destroyed!!!

Some were over 200 meters long! These were motherships. The Mars probe that was sent out took only 1 picture, then was destroyed by the mother ship. This photo showed a shadow of ship on the moon of mars to be of a cigar shaped object. Why are photos like these not made public knowledge?

Video Interview 4 Topics:

Supressed Information

Here is some of the Secret Information revealed from this New age reporter video clips:

  • The shock of humans receiving information that ET's do exist.
  • The Nicola Tesla and Moray Time Generators.
  • The suppression of energy and medical devices.
  • What is public domain and what is not.
  • Victor Schnumberger and the secret intelligence of the Foo Fighters.
  • Who really was to first to go to the moon.
  • The German Government was contacted in 1930's by the ET's, both the Pleiadians and the Grays.
  • Building on anti-gravity device from crashed discs.
  • Playing with the conditions of the mind.
  • This present day continues making high tech devices - from Alien technology.
  • The Terrestrial component of the alien presence. What do they have in store with us.
  • Anit-Gravity drives have no moving parts.
  • The electrical magnetic parts of the UFO's and flying saucers.
  • The suppress and distruction of rare books. Are there still any out there?

Video Interview 5 Topics:

See some very rare photos taken out of German libraries by French researchers of flying machines (see it on video!). These photos could not be found in North America - until now.

Here is the drawing that was found in a Banned German military manual Fact or fantisy? Then why is it in a German techniqual manual?

Now ask yourself these questions:

  1. Work being done on gravitational energy on objects without magnetic poles. The craft rides only on the gravitational waves.
  2. John Keely in 1860's made a bathtub float in front of many witness.
  3. Germans were in contact with Et's as early as 1930.
  4. German UFO technology was not used in the war. They were saving all these UFO's for defense of the South Polar base if required.
  5. Banks and Politics are the reason for war, and is the only reason.
  6. How a war is not meant to obliterate the other side, it is only there to reduce population of the planet, and to feed the credit card of the Governments. Remember that world banks finance both side of the war. If you get rid of any enemy, then you eliminate any future enemies for any future wars. Wars are orchestrated by the bankers elite.
  7. The rothchildes have been financing the wars on both sides now for over 300 years. That is the best way to control the world!
All Pictures on this site are "Snapshots" taken from the Videos.