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From the suppressed side of Planet Earth!

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The German UFO Connections

German Foo Fighters Video-German photos of vertical lift UFO's from the 1930's and 1940's

German UFO Technology -Very rare photos taken out of German libraries by French researchers

Nazi South Polar Base-Secret Expedition to the Nazi South Polar Base

Hidden South Polar Bases?-At the center of the South Pole, this documentary evidence shows calm flowing waters and warm air blowing along the dry uncovered land.

Inside Mars and The Moon!!-I was teleported to the surface and to the inside
of the Moon and Mars

Alien Trainers-Her father was overseer of the trainers for the aliens.

Experts On Mind Control-The World Panel of Experts on Mind Control

Mind Control "Argon Energy"-Argon Energy in its physical form can lead to weather control of tornadoes, rain, snow, etc

UFO Technology -UFO's and Suppressed German Technology

Alien Races On Earth-According to Billy Meier, there are 1,600,000 races found in the Pleiadian travels.

Alien Views-There are basically 3 views of the Universe by ET's

German Physics-Gyroscope lost weight as Rpm's increased. But only for right rotation and not with left rotations.

Alien Crafts-Vertical take off planes

Hollow Earth-Inner earth theory in south pole with Admiral Byrd

Men In Black-Men in Black. They are Government intimidation techniques of UFO witnesses - but they are not human!